Clogged Drains Cleared by Plumbers in Las VegasClogged or stopped up drain pipes are more than a pain. They are a potential health problem and can cause extensive damage to your home. Hiring a plumbing contractor is a pain, too. We suggest you look at ones that are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, licensed by the state of Nevada and have insurance. Call the Las Vegas Plumbers your family and friends trust, Silverstate, at 702-924-2815 today.

Our Service Area

If you live in any of the communities around Las Vegas, our 24 hour, 7 day a week teams of skilled technicians have you covered. That includes North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Green Valley, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Paradise, Henderson, Boulder City, NV. A contractor you can count on is there for you when needed.

Do It Yourself Clearing Clogged Drains

Don’t call our plumbers just yet. Is this a drain you can unclog yourself? Do you own a hand snake and plunger? If not, put it on your shopping list. You will need them sooner or later. Just remove the drain strainer and run the auger in while turning it. If a toilet is blocked up, plungers are the first step, then use the plumber’s snake.

Our Other Services

We are a full service company. Our plumbing technicians are certified to work on all commercial and residential jobs. We are the ones to call for energy efficient water heaters, including the Energy Star rated tankless water heaters. You’ll never run out of hot water again.

Emergency Repairs: Our staff is on call 24/7. Some problems with your plumbing will not wait until the next business day. Busted water lines, leaking gas pipes, raw sewer water flooding your home just can’t wait.

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Our staff of extensively trained plumbers in Las Vegas are on call day and night, That includes weekends and holidays, too. So call now.