When we think of water treatment methods, we usually think about whole home water filtration systems. However, commercial filtration is equally important and we want to discuss how it will improve your business. Contaminants and hard minerals can devastate your plumbing system, which will certainly complicate your daily operations. A commercial filtration system, however, will ensure that the interior workings of your plumbing setup are running smoothly at all times. Here are the reasons why should consider hiring a commercial plumber to install your water filtration system:

Water Treatment Solutions Across Multiple Industries

Many businesses will need to have access to clean and healthy water on tap to support their operations. Among the many products on the market today, purified water is usually a key ingredient in the production process. Even if your company doesn’t produce any products, you should still consider the practical benefits of commercial water filtration. This includes improvements in sanitation and the convenience of undergoing routine cleaning procedures. The food and beverage industry in particular requires clean and purified water to ensure that their products meet a certain standard of quality and taste.

Medical science and research professionals also depend on having access to purified water sources. Performing experiments in a controlled environment will require the water supply is free of contaminants that can affect the outcome of the research. Among the most common industries that require a purified water supply to do business include: Agriculture, Medicine, Energy, and Mining. Commercial water treatment is a lot more prevalent than you think!

Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration Methods

Everyone already knows about whole home RO filtration systems, but many commercial plumbing companies will tell you that it’s also available for your business. An RO system is an ideal choice for you because it saves energy and it’s much more efficient at removing impurities than other systems. Some of the contaminants that your RO system will effectively remove include nitrates, bacteria, pesticides, fluoride, sulfates, pharmaceuticals and more.

RO filtration makes use of a semi-permeable membrane that filters out impurities through a multi-step process. RO systems do not rely on chemicals to undergo the filtration process, but instead, they utilize carbon and sediment filters. RO technology provides businesses with a reliable (and relatively cost-effective solution) to water treatment and purification. A commercial plumber will concur that RO filtration systems are incredibly effective and dependable.

Carbon Filtration

This is a filtration process that involves the use of carbon filters that also absorb large amounts of contaminants and chemicals in your water supply. There are two types of carbon filtration methods: granular activated carbon and block carbon. Both methods are perfectly viable for a commercial operation and they can effectively remove the following contaminants: herbicide, chlorine, benzene, radon and pesticides. Carbon filters can also remove any nasty tastes or odors in your water so that it’s potable for your customers and employees. This is an excellent solution for restaurants and beverage producers.

Iron Filters

This particular filtration method focuses mainly on removing iron and similar impurities in your commercial water supply. The process involves oxidation and makes use of two different methods: Manganese Greensand Mixture and Single Tank Aeration System. Both processes are effective in trapping solids and residual particles then removing them from your water supply. Most commercial plumbing service providers, however, will recommend that you install an RO system or carbon filtration unit.


Every restaurant relies on having access to purified water. That’s because the standards are always set very high when it comes to quality, safety and taste. It’s an integral part of the operation – especially in regards to preparing the food for cooking or cleaning off any glassware and eating utensils. A commercial water filtration system for your business will benefit your restaurant in many ways and here’s how:

  • Lower Operating Expenses: High-quality water is ultimately going to reduce your energy consumption. Lower detergent costs and minimal risks of downtown will also allow you to keep more money in your pocket.
  • Increased Lifespan of Equipment: Think about the fixtures and devices that utilize water to undergo their normal operations. Eliminating the buildup that occurs inside your drain and water pipes will greatly prolong the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Cleaner Glassware and Utensils: Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation. That is the secret to ensuring cleaner glassware and utensils. This is the natural outcome of properly filtered water. This will also save you a lot of the time that you spend having to remove dirt and smudges.

Industrial Equipment

Boilers and other complicated pieces of equipment will often require purified water for normal operations. That’s because the contaminating elements inside your water supply can damage the equipment. Damage can occur due to excessive metals and minerals, hard water, acidic or alkaline water and more. Industrial equipment is also extremely pricey to replace, and it’s very time-consuming to undergo any repairs or replacements. A commercial water filtration system is going to provide your company with a safeguard against any major breakdowns while also extending the lifespan of your equipment.


Your business requires a commercial water filtration system because it offers you the most cost-effective and best long-term solution for providing clean water. Having access to clean and healthy drinking water is something that every commercial plumbing company is going to recommend. It’s one of the top amenities that will equally benefit your employees and customers.

Water purification systems are ultimately the ideal option. Commercial filtration provides you with greater convenience and simplifies the way you do business. The first step in installing your new commercial water filtration system is to contact your local plumbing service. Ask them questions about the options that are available to you and which one will benefit you the most. They can also outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system so that you will have a better idea of which one makes the most sense to install for your business.

If you want to learn more about water filtration and purification systems, then feel free to give us a call! One of our commercial plumbing experts can provide you with all the answers you need. We can also explain pricing and installation services in greater detail. There is never a bad time to give us a call and we are always willing to assist you!