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Have you ever had to call two different companies for the installation and repair of the same product? Well, with Plumbing Las Vegas, you don’t have too! Our team does both the installations and repairs of all of your kitchen needs and appliances.

There is no doubt, sometimes, things happen! Your garbage disposal is misused, a pipe in the kitchen bursts, the sink won’t drain, or the dishwasher is just old. Whatever the issue or situation, we can fix it. Our professional team has decades of plumbing experience and we offer quick services, affordable installation and repairs, and a professional team at your service.

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We have the licensure to prove it! Our company offers honest, affordable, and professional services. Call now to get started.

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Kitchen Installations

Kitchen Sink Installation

There are very small details when installing a sink that could go wrong if you don’t hire a professional technician. Our team comes in with not only the tools required for your specific sink but with the expertise to handle any small mishap that may happen. Don’t waste time, money, or energy on anything other than calling our team.

Garbage Disposal Installation

The benefits of having a working garbage disposal cannot be overstated! Having less trash, fewer pipe leaks and fewer kitchen odors are just some out of the many others. Our team will provide a much better-quality installation than any DIY project or company in the Las Vegas area. Call us!

Dishwasher Installation

When it comes to your dishes, don’t cut a short cut by having a friend install it. Call the professionals! Our team won’t break their back installing a dishwasher, they won’t damage parts of your home getting the dishwasher into its place, and we are simply convenient! We have all of the tools and information at our fingertips just for you.

Our team offers incredible opportunities

With our incredible installation and repair offers, there isn’t anything you need to worry about.

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Kitchen Sink Repair

An issue that is all too common stems from issues that arise once our clients try to fix clogged drains themselves. There is a high probability that you will damage the piping if you attempt to remove an issue from your sinks piping; furthermore, you will save a great deal of money by calling us first.

Garbage Disposal Repair

When a kitchen garbage disposal is clogged the first issue is the horrendous smell that arises from it. So, what typically causes garbage disposal distress? Things like an incorrect connection to the dishwasher, worn out parts of the disposal itself, and so much more. As a professional company, we know about all of the little possibilities, call us right away.

Dishwasher Repair

A majority of the time there is very little reason for you do have purchase another dishwasher if something goes wrong! Our team comes in to save you time, money, and a lot of research into the possible causes of your malfunctioning dishwasher. Don’t purchase extra tools or materials for a repair that requires a professional, call us first.

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More kitchen repairs and installation capabilities.

Stove-Top Installation

Your stove is the most important part of your kitchen! It is the appliance that ties the rest of the area together because that is where the food is made. Your stovetop should be handled by professionals who know where a gas line would be, where the proper outlets are, and how to fix any issue that arises in between.

Pipes & Plumbing Installation

With any type of repairs, remodeling, or updating plumbing can be affected. We will help your plumbing be installed so that it can complement your home or business in every way! Our pipe installations are long-lasting, efficiently installed, and never falter.

Stove- Top Repair

If you have a stove that needs repairing, we know you want it done quickly and efficiently, that is something we can guarantee to provide. As a team of dedicated professionals, whether it is a gas stove or an electric stove, we are to you in no time at all.

Pipes & Plumbing Repairs

Do not attempt to fix a pipe or a plumbing situation on your own. Even if the answer seems simple! If a pipe leaks or bursts, we are there quickly with all of the tools and information to help you during the situation. Plumbing Las Vegas is here for you.

Commercial Kitchen Repairs & Installations

As a business, we know how important the small details are in running a business. A professional kitchen isn’t foreign to our team nor is it something we fear! We service professional environments with all of the possibilities that we give our residential clients! If your business is having kitchen issues or requires appliance installations, give us a call.

Residential Kitchen Repairs & Installations

Our residential clients typically need installations when they have moved into a new space or are having extensive work done on the old space. Regardless of what the case may be, our team is there with you through whatever you need! For any installation or kitchen repairs, give our professionals a call. If you need a simple quick repair, we are just as quick and efficient in our response time. Don’t trust just anyone with your kitchen space.

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We Offer Incredible Services


This is not a small detail that should ever be overlooked. Experience is the difference from a possible situation to an actual one. All of our technicians have hands-on experience and are out in the field constantly learning new ways to perfect their craft.

Bonded and Insured

Our Las Vegas company is more than ready and willing to show you a proof of our documentation. We will always guarantee 100% satisfaction! Call us to learn more about what we offer.


We know that as a kitchen repair or installation we are invading very personal space. Whether we are working in your home or your business, the kitchen is an important place, and we will respect that. Our team will work quickly to ensure we are not impeding on personal and important matters. You can trust us to get the job done.


Unlike many companies in the Las Vegas area, we are not here to exploit your vulnerabilities. We are here to help fix your kitchen issues and all of your installations. We will work with you so you don’t have to break the bank on a repair or installation that is necessary.

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My dishwasher is not draining; how do I fix this?

Issues with water staying in your dishwasher have to do with the hose that has not to be installed properly. Our technicians will come in and explain to you how the water system runs when the dishwasher is draining properly so you can see why it isn’t anymore! We will diagnose the problem, repair, and/or replace it.

What should I avoid putting in my garbage disposal?

There are a few recommendations we can make for the general usage of a garbage disposal! You should always avoid pouring grease down there because it will clog the sink, fibrous vegetables, any uncooked carbohydrates that will expand as they absorb water, and hard objects like utensils or bone! It is important to remember, this is not an alternative trash bin! To learn more about what to do and what not to do, call our professionals.