Dishwasher Repair and Installation

Whether you have a brand new dishwasher that needs to be installed or a dishwasher that’s in need of repair, our team of professionals is ready to take on the task. Let us take care of you and your installation and repair needs!

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Dishwasher Repair and Installation Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Dishwashers are environmentally friendly! The low-phosphates found in dishwasher detergent is less than those found in traditional liquid dish soaps. Washing by hand includes running water tot he perfect temperature, soaking dishes, washing them, and rinsing them, which can use a tremendous amount of water. Dishwashers use a minimal amount of electricity and water, not only saving you money but also saving the environment.


Having a dishwasher installed is a great idea, especially for those that pride themselves on cleanliness. Not only does having a dishwasher take away clutter, dirty dishes in the sink but using a dishwasher gets dishes clean and sanitized. Dishwashers use multiple cycles of scalding hot water, killing germs and bacteria on dishes. You will never have to worry if the water was hot enough to sanitize or stick your hands in dirty water again.

Saving Time

Dishwashers are tremendous time savers! Hand washing usually includes a soaking process to get caked or burnt-on foods from cooking. In one year alone, using a dishwasher to wash your dishes as opposed to washing by hand can save you 230 hours that year! You can do many other things with time like that on your hands like cleaning other areas while your dishwasher does the hard work.

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Saving Money

Sometimes dishwashers bite the dust, and its time for a repair. A good dishwasher can run anywhere from $400 to over $1000 to replace depending on the brand. Having a professional come and repair your dishwasher will save you the hassle and save you money. Dishwasher repairs run around $230, which is half of what you’d spend for a minimal dishwasher!

Saves Time

The time spent buying a new appliance can be a lengthy one. You spend a lot of time researching dishwashers, visiting the stores, and if you decide to buy, you have to wait on either shipping or delivery. On top of that, you need to find a plumber to properly install the new dishwasher. Hiring a professional saves time while most have parts on hand; even ordering the part takes about a day, which is less time than all that shopping!

No Need For Appliance Research

When you opt to repair your dishwasher rather than replace it, the only research you need is finding a repairman. Our company saves you that hassle! Our professionals cut out the need for research! Researching new dishwashers can take hours away from your day when repairing can be done quickly and get your dishwasher back to new! Online reviews can be daunting to filter through trying to find the perfect dishwasher, make your time valuable!

Who Do You Need To Call

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When Do You Need A Plumber

Plumbers specialize in everything related to water and drainage systems in your home. A plumber’s responsibilities fall under pipe repairs, fixtures, or anything related to your water supply or drainage system. Plumbers are experts when it comes to anything connected to water. A plumber will be able to install your dishwasher but won’t always be able to repair it unless its repair is directly related to water.

When Do You Need An Appliance Tech

The core job of an appliance tech is to care for the many appliances in your home. Appliance techs do everything from repairs, part replacement, electrical issues, and in certain cases, plumbing problems associated with your appliances. These techs analyze the problem of the appliance, such as dirty coils on a refrigerator. It is the appliance tech’s job to analyze the problem and fix it reliably ina timely manner.

Why A Professional?

Professionals Stand Above the Others


Our team is committed to getting you the most affordable price with the highest quality materials. Plumbing issues can put you down enough, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about financial stresses as well.


When you need us, we’re quick to answer the call. We come as soon as possible for all of your repair needs. We understand that things happen and can quickly turn into disasters, which is why we get to you fast!

Less Maintenance

High-Quality Materials

Our company is proud to say that we only use the highest grade materials in all of our repairs and installations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pipe or plumbing tape, we always make sure you have the best of the best!


Safety First!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, but we take the safety of our homeowners and team very seriously. We are quick while being careful to ensure no accidents happen when doing a repair or installation. We keep up to date on all safety protocols.

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Replacing Your Machine

Time for Something New

It’s A Rust Bucket

If you run a cloth along the bottom of your dishwasher and get flakes of rust, it means water is leaking into places it shouldn’t be. When this happens, it’s best to replace your dishwasher fast. At times, a pizza pan may have touched the bottom and caused it to rust. If this is the culprit, a wash cycle with citric acid will clear it up. If plastic or metal is corroding with rust, it’s time for your dishwasher to go.

It’s Not Properly Draining

Sometimes after a wash cycle, you’ll see water remaining at the bottom of your dishwasher. This shouldn’t immediately put you into panic mode yet! Sometimes if there is food debris caught up in the drain, it can cause the dishwasher to retain that water. It is suggested to clean out the filter after every wash to prevent this. If there is no sign of food debris in the filter, it may be the drain that is crumbling or cracked, and it’s time for a replacement.