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Trenchless technology enables us to repair your sewer line without having to dig up a huge portion of your yard which can end up causing a great deal of damage to your property. It takes us minimal time to detect the issue and perform repairs and our services will help you save a lot of money over time.

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Our services will guarantee optimum efficiency and have your plumbing system operating capably and effectively.

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Sewer Line Repair

The benefits are limitless


Trenchless sewer line repairs take very minimal time to complete, which saves you a lot of time and has your plumbing functioning properly in no time. In issues with your sewer will be short-lived and we ensure that you will not have to resort to hauling in your water manually. Trenchless technology eliminates all of the complications of excavating your property.

Save Money

No digging equipment or expensive machinery is required to excavate your property, which saves you a ton of money. Trenchless technology allows us to access your sewer lines without having to perform any excess digging. A lot less manual labor is required to fix your sewer line, so there are fewer people to pay to get the job done. Sewer line repairs take no time to complete, which directly impacts the cost of labor.

Less Intrusion

Trenchless technology enables you to fix your sewer lines without having to dig up your property, thus enabling you to reduce the damage that is caused to the surrounding areas. Our professional sewer line repairs ensure that no landscaping or significant portions of your property need to be replaced.

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Environmental Benefits

Traditional digging methods require you to excavate large portions of the earth, which can have a disastrous effect on the environment. However, our sewer line repairs allow us to fix all of your plumbing problems without having to do a significant amount of digging. This enables you to protect the plant life and vegetation growing on your property and you also prevent soil and sediment from entering your plumbing.

Prevent Landscaping Woes

The excavation of your property can have a harmful effect on your overall landscaping because excessive digging will require you to renovate and re-landscape the area. This can be very costly and time-consuming, and it’ll make you question if the repairs were worth it. Trenchless technology enables us to fix your sewer line in a way that will not create any unwanted landscaping difficulties.

Improved Plumbing

Our professional sewer line repair services will greatly improve the efficiency of your plumbing. We make use of techniques and technologies that only help us prevent any future damage, but also undo any existing problems that can easily get worse. Our plumbing solutions will have your sewer line performing optimally without experiencing any operational issues.

High-End Materials and Technology

We have access to durable materials and cutting-edge technology which we use to perform our sewer line repairs

High-End Materials and Technology

We have access to durable materials and cutting-edge technology which we use to perform our sewer line repairs

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

We can repair your sewer lines with minimal digging/excavating. We do this os that we can preserve your landscaping and prevent any unnecessary harm to the environment. Without trenchless technology, you would have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs to your landscaping. What we do is we dig two small holes where your sewer lines are located and perform any repairs right then and there.

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Unique Services

We possess all the tools, materials, and expertise to perform professional sewer line repairs for commercial and residential areas within the greater Las Vegas area. Our mission to provide you with a level of service that you will not find anywhere else, and we also have access to all of the latest technology and gadgetry for optimized plumbing repair solutions.

Long-Lasting Results

When we repair your sewer line, we ensure that we providing you with long-lasting protection against potential damage and disrepair. We will strengthen the piping so that leaks and breakages are much less likely to occur and enable you to save a fortune on repair and replacement services.



We want to provide you with the most affordable options available because our goal is to make our services accessible to a large number of people. Nothing should stop you from performing vital repairs to your drainage and plumbing systems, so we do all we can to ensure that our services are financially feasible to our customers.

Less Maintenance

Less Digging, More Fixing

Excavations are an extremely invasive method of sewer repair that in some cases does more harm than good. Trenchless technology greatly minimizes the digging and enables you to keep your landscaping intact while fixing the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unsure about hiring our sewer line repair services? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. You can also call us on the phone to learn more about our professional plumbing solutions.

What causes damage to sewer lines?

There are a few factors that contribute to sewer line failure. Some of the more common causes are tree roots, obstructions/clogging, and old age. Sewer lines are always at risk of any interferences caused by overgrown tree roots, which tend to expand in all directions searching for water. Some of the items commonly found in clogged sewer lines include food, grease, and toilet paper.

How often should I have my sewer line inspected?

If you purchase a new home, the odds are the sewer line has been inspected. However, we recommend that you have it inspected at least once or twice a year. It would also be very beneficial for your sewer line to have cleaned periodically to prevent clogging and backups. Older homes are usually due for a cleaning/inspection at any given moment. Inspections allow you to prevent buildup which can lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future.