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Our professional technicians are here to make your home a little better and a little safer. With our team working with you and on your gas line, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Call now to get started.

As a professional company that works with gas lines, we take special precautions and urge our clients to call us even if they aren’t sure there is an issue with their gas. This can be a dangerous substance; therefore, gas lines should be checked regularly; however, there are countless advantages to having this installed for your home!

Licensed and Insured

As a group of professional technicians, we adhere to codes and standards set by the state of Nevada. We are here to work with you and on your gas line. Call now to get started.

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Top Things to Know

When You Have A Gas Line

Know how gas lines work

Most gas lines used for residential properties are underground piping systems that connect to various appliances within the home. Most gas lines are attached to a furnace, water heater, stove, etc. Over time, issues are bound to occur, so stay ahead of the game and have our team inspect your lines before a toxic leak starts.

Main Issues

Like appliances and other things age, including gas lines, other problems arise. It is important to have an idea of how old the piping is leading into your home to ensure it is checked annually. Leaking gas lines are dangerous and will cause serious harm to pets and family.

Reasons Leaks Occur

Unfortunately, having a gas line installed incorrectly will ensure that a leak ensues. Other issues occur is the line has been pinched leading to a small but persistent leak to happen. Leaks can be a serious issue for enclosed spaces not only for your immediate health and safety but for the safety and well-being of others.

We offer the best Gas Line installations and repairs

As the leading gas line repair and installation company in Las Vegas, we encourage you to call now.

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Home Gas Lines

It is important to know that your residential gas lines are safe when installed and checked properly. Gas lines should never go more than a year without being checked and our company will give you key details to look out for in case of an emergency, like the rotten egg smell.

What To Do

In case of an emergency turn off the gas immediately! Make sure that you have turned your gas appliances off and call us quickly. Our team will come out and assess the situation thoroughly before the next steps are taken.

It’s Normal

Repairs on gas lines are normal! Many of our clients feel unease when repairs need to happen, but we are here to ease your worries. Just like anything else, pipes age, nature changes, and things happen. Our experienced professionals will make the repairs quickly and efficiently.

Signs You

Need a Repair

Check out for these signs you need a repair


There are obvious signs of a gas leak that everyone should be aware of! We have had clients tell us that a gas leak has made them feel nauseous, dizzy, and light-headed. It is important to be aware of any abnormal smells or sounds. If there is a weird smell that you cannot explain, the rotten egg is a popular description, then there is a possible leak. Call us if you feel like any of these descriptions is happening to you.


Your indoor and outdoor appliances that are connected up to gas lines will begin to show abnormal signs. Any strange sounds or appliances that are simply not working properly but there isn’t a clear-cut cause should be noted as a possible sign of a gas leak. Keep an eye on these things.


Because most gas lines are outside underneath grass, plants, and other living vegetation, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Many of our clients have first noted that they had issues with dead plants and browning grass where their leak originally took place. These are signs that can lead you to a much need repair.


One sign that will always need our clients to call us is their gas bill. It is the common first noticed sign that there could be a gas leak. If your bill seems to be rising without any proper reasoning, you need to call our technicians to schedule an important appointment.


Having a gas line installed in your home or business is an extremely affordable and convenient thing to do! Our technicians are highly skilled and excited to get your property started with a gas line. Gas stays on even if a storm comes through knocking the power out and is less likely to run out.


Natural gas is one of the best ways to cook and heat your home! The best part is the fact that gas provides the same amount of heat for both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t have to choose or compromise. Many of our previous clients rave about being able to cook better and heat their homes quicker with gas lines.

More Benefits

To Having A Gas Line Installed


If you’re looking for a cost-effective fuel alternative, gas is the answer. It is considered to be a much cleaner option than burning materials like butane. Some fuel sources will emit elements that make them incredibly unsafe for homes and businesses.


When compared to electricity, gas is much better. Having a gas line installed and checked annually will save our clients hundreds of dollars a year. Gas is a quick and easy alternative to its electrical counterpart.


Guess what? When you choose to have a natural gas connection outdoors you reduce the amount of smoke and other toxins released into the air. Our gas lines provide incredible alternatives for clients who enjoy outdoor fires under the Las Vegas night sky.


With natural gas, you can switch it on or off when and if something goes poorly. You have the power to stop leaks and other misfortunes from ensuing because gas lines give you a pause button to call us.

Need a gas line?

Installation or repair! Here, we do it all.

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Why would I want or need a gas line?

Our clients come to us for many different reasons and no reason is more valid than the next. One of the top reasons why we have clients come to speak to us is because they want electrical replacements. They’re tired electricity, they realize the benefits, or they’re in want of new gas power appliances.

Are permits required and why should I trust you?

Permits are indeed required for any gas installation. Our technicians will ensure all of those needs are met before coming over! Our reputation proceeds us! Ask for our references and with any company always check licensure and insurance. We are here to help you in any way that we can so ask us questions and we’ll give you the answers.