Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are an energy-efficient way to heat up your water. Rather than its cylindrical counterpart, tankless water heaters take up less space, and you never have to worry about running out of hot water, and it heats your water on an as-needed basis.

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Major Benefits

Tankless Water Heaters

Long Life Expectancy

Traditional water heaters can be a catastrophe when they go out. Not only will it be costly to replace but can cause damage in the process. In most cases, tankless water heaters are known for lasting at least five to ten years or longer than traditional water heaters. Having such a long life span saves money replacements, which typically come about every 15 years or so.

No Possibility of Flooding

Since this design is tankless, there’s never a worry of a massive sudden water leak. Sudden water heater leaks may not seem like a danger to your home, but if not caught or your away, they can lead to severe water damage. Tankless water heaters give you peace of mind knowing your home isn’t at risk for flooding.

Less Space Take Up

A 50-gallon hot water tank can take up a lot of room in your home. Smaller tankless units are often installed in cabinets or closets without taking up any more than a few feet. These water heaters can also be attached to your walls to give you more room for storage.

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Hot Water On Demand

With a tankless water heater, you never have to wait for a tank to refill or a tank to heat up. These heaters take away the tank so you can take back to back hot showers without a worry! Tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand!

Save on Water

Reduce your carbon footprint by installing a tankless water heater! This step in the right direction reduces your water usage by 20 percent or more. This is possible because you’ll never have to wait for the water to heat up!

Save on Energy Bills

Saving water and reducing your gas or electric bills, you will find that you save a lot more money! Not having to constantly run water waiting for it to heat saves on the water bill as well as energy bills.

Know About

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Installing a tankless water heater starts with planning out which fuel source you will be using and where to install the heater. Where you install the tankless water heater should be close to both the fuel source and water source. Next, check for any building codes that need to be followed. Then, mount the unit to the wall and be sure the weight is supported. After it is mounted, you can connect the fuel source and water.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Like all household appliances, tankless water heaters need to be repaired at times. Most commonly done is repairing the heating element. For a professional, this can be an easy process. Turn off the unit, drain excess hot water, and remove the wires at the top with a screwdriver. Carefully, the element is removed, and the new O ring and element are placed. Finally, reattach the top wires, clean any spills, and you’re ready to go!

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The Importance of a Professional Plumber


Having a professional install your tankless water heater not only saves money but ensures it is done correctly, preventing any further costs. Our team is one you can count on to use the highest quality materials at a budget-friendly cost.

High-Quality Materials

Our team of professionals only uses the highest quality materials, anywhere from the pipes to nuts and bolts. We guarantee that not only our materials are high-quality, but the work our team does will always be up to par.



Safety is of the utmost importance to us! We want our crew to be safe as well as your family and your home. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee that safety! We take extra care in all of our repairs and installations.

Less Maintenance


Tankless water heaters are incredibly convenient because there is no wait time to have piping hot water. Whether its laundry, washing dishes, or a relaxing hot shower, this water heater type has immediate results. Our company is here for you and will do your installation in a timely manner.

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In the Know

Further Information About Tankless Water Heaters

Cost of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters vary by style, brand, and size. The typical cost of the water heater itself is anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for the unit. The average tankless water heater installation, including the heater itself, is, on average, $2800. This number can be scary to look at, but the benefits make this style heater a great addition to your home. Not only will you save on water and on your energy bill, but hot water will always be at your fingertips!

One Is All It Takes!

Some may question if one tankless heater is enough for an entire house. The short answer is yes! With a few choices, such as your hot water needs, one tankless heater keeps water hot all over your house. There are some models that handle just one shower at a time, which is good for smaller households or other models that can sustain 2 showers at the same time without sacrificing any of the heat.