Water Filtration Installation

If you are looking to have the cleanest drinking in your home, water filter installation is right for you! Water filtration systems purify water and get rid of chemicals and bacteria. Our team provides quick and easy water filtration installation at an affordable price.

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and guarantee the quickest and safest installation processes for all your water and plumbing needs.

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Water Filtration Installation

Learn the Benefits

The Taste
The Taste

Water filters are designed to remove contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, and more that cause water to smell or taste funny. A simple water test can be performed to find what contaminants can be present in your drinking water and pick the right filtration treatment for your water. The right filtration system keeps your water smelling and tasting fresh and clean!

Lead Removal
Lead Removal

Lead is known for causing many different health issues, including birth defects and more. This substance is constantly in the news for its detrimental health concerns, especially when being consumed. If you have concerns about the possibility of lead in your drinking water, it may be time to install a filtration system. A water filtration system is designed to remove lead from the water.

Save Money

Many homeowners believe buying bottled water is more cost-effective than buying and installing a full water filtration system, but that’s simply untrue. Installing a water filtration system is a one time cost to install the filter then the on-going low cost of filter replacements. Compared to the money spent on expensive bottled water, which can add up if you’re an avid water drinker, it makes filtered water budget-friendly.

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Aid in Illnesses and Diseases

Drinking water is an important part of keeping up a healthy diet, but not all water is created equal. While removing some particulates from water can prevent certain diseases from developing, drinking cleaner water gives your body the extra boost it needs to fight illnesses and diseases. Not only will clean, filtered water improve your own health and well-being, but it will also boost your immune system.

Great for Drinking, Better for Cooking

It may not seem like an important part of a recipe, but the water you cook with can make a complete difference. Not only does water affect washing the fruits and vegetables you cook with, but many soups and pasta can also be affected. Water filtration can further prevent the consumption of bacteria, lead, and other toxins in the foods that you eat.

Great for Kids

It is important for children in the home to understand the need for clean, fresh drinking water. Their developing bodies are sensitive to substances like chlorine and lead. Their immune systems may not be developed enough or able to fight off gastrointestinal illness-causing bacteria like adults. Using a filtration treatment in your home helps your children stay safe and healthy.

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Installation and Repair Processes



The first step in water filtration installation is to turn off the main water supply and drain the system at its lowest point. Next involves cutting the pipe where the filtration system will be installed. This will be a place that is easily accessed since filters will periodically have to be changed. Then, once fittings are attached, the filtration system is positioned, and the water is turned back on and ready for use.


Water filters are the best for providing clean drinking water to your home, but at times they may need repairing. Our company is experienced in water filter repairs and can get the job done quickly! Your system may need to be repaired if you find a smell with your water indicating a clog. The appearance can let you know its time because you’ll find particles of dirt and debris. There are many indicators as well, but these two are the main reasons for repair.

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Our company is ready to take on your water filter needs! We are available to give you quotes, schedule services, and get the job done quickly. We ensure to be on time to your installations and repairs and are available if any problems arise.

Safety is Our Priority

Our company stays up to date on all safety protocols as well as regulations and codes. We wear all necessary protective equipment to guarantee our team, as well as our customers, stay safe! Our team takes pride in knowing our projects were done safely.



We offer competitive rates that will fit any budget! We will never overcharge you and understand how stressful the financial strain of plumbing issues can be. We are committed to keeping our prices low and our quality of work high!

Less Maintenance

High-Quality Work

Our team of professionals only use the highest quality of materials to guarantee you have the highest quality filtration system. Everywhere from hardware to the filter itself, we use only the best for our customers for a high-quality installation or repair.

Water Filtration Installation

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Water Filtration Options


Types of Filtration Systems

There are different types of water filtration systems to choose from that each has its own pros and cons. A filter with activated charcoal is adsorbent filtering out impurities and locking them into its pores. It is inexpensive and doesn’t require electricity to work. The downfall is it won’t remove inorganic compounds or salts. Other filters include ceramic filters, reverse osmosis filters, and ultraviolet water purifiers.

The Cost Of Water Filtration Systems

When compared to buying bottled water, water filtration systems can save your home a ton of money! Between installation and the filtration system itself, it can run anywhere from $300-$1000 or more. There are circumstances where homeowners can pay closer to $3000, depending on a variety of factors. Things that affect price are if you want a centralized water filter or one for the whole home and the type of filter you have installed.