Whether it’s low water pressure or leak spouts, your kitchen sink will experience some sort of issue that may require professional assistance to resolve. As the best plumber in Las Vegas, we want to let you know that your sink relies on a well-maintained and operated plumbing system. You should never compromise when it comes to efficiency because plumbing systems serve a vital role in our everyday lives. Also, allowing a minor issue to fester will make your situation a lot worse, which will likely require extensive repair work to your home. You always want to stay ahead of the damage and call a Las Vegas plumbing expert when the time is right.

Major problems will of course require professional services, but we also want to inform you about some of the minor issues that are easily treatable:

Low Water Pressure

This issue is a lot more common than you think. You know that the problem is occurring when the stream of water coming from your main line seems to be a lot weaker than it normally is. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a clogged aerator (faucet head). However, the issue can also be a lot more severe, such as mineral accumulation inside your plumbing system, or a leak in your water supply line. Whatever the issue is, you should always ask a plumber about the nature of the leak so that you can get a better idea of what’s going on exactly. If the aerator is clogged, then you can simply remove it and clean out all the scale collecting inside it.

Leaky Kitchen Faucet

This is something that many of us dread because the issue will often require professional plumbing repair or replacement services to fix it. However, you can also run simple diagnostic procedures to determine the severity of the problem. If the leak is occurring at the base of the spout whenever it’s in use, then you likely have a worn-out O-ring seal, which is fairly easy to replace. Most Las Vegas plumbing contractors will advise you to shut off your water supply before you go about replacing the O-ring. That’s because the repair process will you to disassemble the faucet.

Clogged or Leaking Kitchen Sink

The P-trap is also known to give homeowners trouble. The component is responsible for preventing sewage and toxic gases from entering your home. Gravity does its work via the curved section of the pipe, keeping nasty odors at bay. However, soap scum, grease and buildup will begin to clog the P-trap, and it will get to a point where it obstructs the flow of water. When you hire one of the many Las Vegas plumbing services that are available, they are going to place a bucket underneath the P-trap and loosen the nuts to remove it. Then, they can inspect the component and obtain the specifications to replace it.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are very much prone to breakdowns and mechanical damage. The device itself cannot process certain foods and organic waste materials, such as grease or chicken bones. However, this doesn’t stop us from sending anything down them. Even potato peels will cause the device to jam up and malfunction. If your garbage disposal stops working, then you may need to clean it out and remove any gunk collecting inside it. However, sometimes all it takes to get it running again is to hit the reset button. Preventative maintenance is a big part of preserving the vitality of your garbage disposal. We recommend that you run cold water down the drain for around 15 seconds before using it and for around 30 seconds afterward.

Dishwasher Leaks

Before you decide to install a brand new dishwasher, you may want to consider hiring a Las Vegas plumbing contractor to inspect it. In many cases, the leak is very insignificant and you can remedy the situation easily. First, check the float switch, which activates the sump pump (the device that evacuates water from your home). A broken float switch will allow the tub to fill until it overflows. Also, the spray arms inside the dishwasher are prone to leaks. These are items/components that a Las Vegas plumbing service can easily repair or replace. They can also fix a leaky door gasket. Furthermore, leaks can occur in the drain hose that connects your kitchen sink or garbage disposal. Always make sure you are performing a thorough inspection of the components before moving forward with a replacement.

Not Enough or No Hot Water

This is something that we always dread. We go to wash our hands one day and there is suddenly no more hot water. What this usually indicates is that you will need to hire a water heater repair specialist to fix the issue or replace your unit altogether. The main cause of inadequate hot water is due to a small or outdated hot water heater. With hot water produced by a gas-burning unit, the issue is usually due to a faulty gas pilot, thermocouple or control valve. A broken dip tube (a tube that delivers cold water to your hot water heater) may also be to blame. Replacing it will require professional assistance from a Las Vegas plumbing repair specialist.

Clogged Drains

Many things can cause a clogged drain. Water arrives at your kitchen sink through pressurization, but it exits your home through gravity. Any buildup of debris and waste material is going to compromise that downward flow of water. The plunger is always your go-to repair option in a situation such as this. Homeowners will also give a shot at various DIY solutions, such as drain snaking or pouring commercial cleaners down their drain. However, they involve a lot of risk because they can cause potential damage to your drain pipes. Homemade and eco-friendly drain cleaning remedies are a lot safer to use, but they are also not very effective in removing some of the more severe clogs. Locating the clog within your drainage system will also require professional assistance because a licensed plumber will eliminate any guesswork. You should also consider professional hydro jetting solutions.

When you go on google and search “kitchen sink las vegas plumbing services,” make sure that you are searching for a reputable plumber. You always want to put your trust in someone who can get the job efficiently and with making mistakes. Even the best plumber in Las Vegas is going to tell you that kitchen sinks may seem as though they are a trivial plumbing fixture, but they are a lot more important than you think.

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