Are you noticing that your shower drain is emitting foul odors? Or, is your toilet backed up? These are common symptoms of inadequate draining. You might also consider fixing the problem on your own, but you’re not exactly sure how to diagnose the problem. DIY repair projects can end up causing a lot more harm than good – especially if you are inexperienced and unsure of what you’re doing.

When a problem arises, you will need to address it immediately. Plumbing issues won’t just magically go away, unfortunately. A small, minor leak or clog can quickly develop into something a lot more severe if you ignore it. You never want to expose your loved ones to any unhealthy and unsanitary conditions, which is why you should always act quickly when dealing with a drainage issue.

Clog Assessment and Removal

Clogs tend to form in your drain when debris begins to accumulate inside the pipes. The items that tend to create the most buildup include food scraps, skin cells, hair, soap scum, and dirt. With hard water, you can also expect limescale and mineral deposits to form buildup in your drain as well, which will also increase the likelihood of a clog. Tougher and larger clogs will require you to hire a professional plumbing service to undergo removal services.

The first step in an assessment is to determine the exact cause of the issue and also evaluate the current condition of your plumbing. A professional plumber will inspect your drain via a small camera that utilizes a flexible cable to snake through your drainage pipes. This will help them diagnose what’s wrong with your drain and determine the location of the issue in your plumbing. Once they complete the assessment, your plumber will possess all the information they need to provide you with service moving forward.

You can actually remove some of the more stubborn clogs with a drain snake, which is a long and pliable cable that you insert into your drain to break up the blockage. Drain snakes are hand-cranked and they require delicate maneuvering to remove the clog. Furthermore, another viable solution for removing buildup in your drain is hydro-jetting. It will effectively flush out your pipes and remove any minor clogs throughout your drain and sewer line. You can also use drain cleaner occasionally to clear out your sewer line of any buildup. However, you’ll want to avoid anything that contains harsh chemicals as this will have a corrosive effect on your plumbing. Tree root invasion is another cause of clogs in your drain and you will need to address this issue accordingly.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Any buildup in your drain will cause your plumbing system to be backed up with wastewater and sewage. This can lead to an extremely smelly and unsanitary situation. Those odors will eventually permeate your home, creating a virtually uninhabitable environment. The source of the odors are also usually in hard-to-reach areas of your drain and you will have no other choice but to hire a professional to remove the clog. They can also prevent those odors from occurring in the future.

Disruptions in water flow can also cause your pipes to produce loud, squeaky noises which can become a major burden on you and your family. These noises are usually audible in every room of your home and they can be extremely annoying. A professional drain cleaning service ensures that you can remove the obstruction which is causing the noises in the first place.

If you are not regularly cleaning out your drain, the pipes will undergo severe corrosion which can lead to water leaks and increase your monthly utility bills. Also, a severe clog can cause a lot of damage to your plumbing system, which will end up costing a great deal of money to fix. You are creating several extremely costly scenarios for yourself and you can prevent a lot of these issues by simply cleaning out your drain every once in a while. Regularly-scheduled maintenance will also go a long way in saving money and preventing major plumbing mishaps.

You also want to reduce the risk of flooding in your home. Why? Leaks and clogs in your drain can lead to standing water and puddles, creating an environment where bacteria and mold will flourish. This can pose a major health risk for you and your family. Hiring a professional plumber ensures that you are preventing mold and mildew from breaking out and spreading throughout your home. There is also the possibility that sewage will make its way into your home. Sewage tends to contain a lot of harmful bacteria and pathogens which can also have a severe effect on the health and well-being of your family.

If you allow a small clog to worsen, then you will eventually have to invest in major plumbing work to repair the issue. Regular cleanings and maintenance will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home plumbing system won’t experience any major disruptions or breakdowns.

Let’s be honest, once we experience our first major plumbing scare, we’re always fearing that something bad will happen. It’s always in the back of your head and you just want to feel the relief at knowing that your plumbing system is functioning as it should. Scheduling regular cleaning services and maintenance will make you feel a lot better about your home draining system. You should always make an effort to ensure that you are staying ahead of the damage.

Are you interested in learning more about professional drain cleaning solutions? Contact us today and one of our staff members explain everything the process entails. We can also provide you with additional information on pricing and repair services.