fix low water pressure

The first step into a nice hot shower can either be the greatest start to your day or a relaxing way to end your night. Having low water pressure in your shower is a very quick way to kill the vibe and ruin any day. The good news is that more often than not, low pressure in your shower is an easy fix and you can be back to a relaxing shower in no time. If you find yourself with low water pressure in your shower there are plenty of good ways to get it fixed.

Clean Your Shower Head

It may seem too simple but it is actually one of the easiest fixes and most common problems. Sometimes water buildup can keep water from flowing freely from your shower head and that gunk can build up fast. There is a natural and super effective way to take care of this. All you have to do is get a bag or bucket full of white vinegar. Let the shower head soak in vinegar overnight and gently scrub away any buildup with a toothbrush. This should fix the pressure issue in your showerhead and leave it squeaky clean as well.

Check for A Flow Restrictor

Now a days since the National Energy Act there have been design changes to shower heads to slow the pressure to save on water. This can be great for the environment, but your water pressure will suffer. This flow restrictor not only can reduce energy consumption but the bill associated with it as well. If you have a home with already low pressure and have a showerhead with this restrictor it can make it turn to a drizzle at best. Simply check the user manual and you can find a way to take the restrictor out and increase your pressure.

Check for Kinks

This is a very simple fix and can be for both traditional shower heads as well as the hose style detachable shower heads. If your shower head is traditional style it could be a kink in the water line whereas if you have the hose style it could be in the hose itself. If it is the handheld showerhead it can be as simple as making sure the hose isn’t twisted.

Check the Valve

One of the most common issues for low water pressure is the water valve not being all the way open. This is common if you just moved into a new place or recently had plumbing work done. For this fix just simply locate the water valve which is usually in your basement or near the washer and turn it all the way on. This should immediately fix the pressure issue if it was the culprit.

Check for Leaks

Leaks are some of the most common culprits in why your shower may be experiencing low water pressure. These leaks can be directly at the shower or further down the pipe. Instead of water making it all the way to the pip effortlessly, the water is being lost in the leak and you’re only receiving the water that made it. Commonly enough low water pressure can be a result of a leak rather than an actual pressure issue.

Off Times and Other Appliances

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as supply and demand. If your neighborhood is pretty close together and you always take your showers at 5pm there may be other people that are taking a shower at that time as well causing the pressure to be low. On the other hand the supply and demand can be a problem in your home. If you are taking a shower at the same your washer is running then it may be causing your pressure to be low because the water is working in the washer.