house water pressure

When the water pressure gets low in your home it can become a nuisance quickly. You may not notice it too badly at first but when you hop in the shower and you don’t get a relaxing stream and it’s more of a drizzle or it takes 15 minutes to rinse the soap from your dishes, then there’s a problem. The good thing is the problems that cause low pressure are generally quick and easy fixes.

Call Your Water Supplier

First thing you should when you notice a difference in your water pressure is to call your water supplier. This can save a lot of time and money if you call and find out it is an issue with the supplier instead of going all-around your house looking for an issue. Water supplier issues can range from busted or leaking pipes to valves that are being worked on or replaced.

City Regulations

Sometimes the issue isn’t necessarily the water supplier’s fault. Cities can enforce different regulations and your water supplier is forced to comply. In this case, you can purchase a water pressure booster system and have it installed.

Main House Shut Off Valve

A lot of water pressure issues are with the main house shut off valve not being open all the way. It is important as a homeowner to know the location of the main shut off valve for whether you have pressure issues or a water leak in general. If the valve isn’t completely open it can cause low pressure to your home and the fix is as simple as opening it the rest of the way.

Water Meter Valve

Unfortunately, this is another reason to call the water company. This valve is located outside and isn’t messed with by homeowners much because it belongs to the water company. This valve may not be open completely especially if you’ve had work done recently to your home. You will have to make a call the water company to come to open the valve all the way it may not have been reopened when they completed their work.

Clogged Pipes

This can be a cause for low pressure in your home especially if the low pressure is central to one area. This can build up further than just beneath the drains. When a clog forms in the pipes of your home there is less room for water to flow through causing lower pressure. Sometimes it can be as simple as using a drain solution or even snaking but the further the clog is from the surface the harder it is to reach. A professional can come and assess the pipes to locate the clog and fix it in no time before it becomes more than a low water pressure issue.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause low pressure much in the same way that a clogged pipe does. Instead of the clog not allowing the water to freely flow through a leaking pipe can cause the water to be lost before it even reaches its destination. Some of this water may reach the faucet which is why low pressure is the result. In this case, it is best to call a plumber to assess the pipes and see if a leak can be located to be fixed before it becomes more of a financial issue than a low water pressure issue.

Faulty Fixtures

The fixtures you’re using can be one of the biggest reasons for your low pressure. The good news is it’s simple to fix and can oftentimes be done on your own. The bad news is just because its low pressure doesn’t mean it’s faulty as in being broken, it may just have a low-pressure flow on it. A lot of these fixtures have become common to install in homes because of water conservation and they can help lower utility bills, but if you’re looking for high pressure these fixtures aren’t for you.