gas leak

No matter where your gas lines are located in your home, the pipes can become corroded or leak in some way and can be a danger to you and your home. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of a gas leak so you can stay safe and avoid a potentially deadly circumstance. Keeping a routine of regularly scheduled maintenance can help you prevent major catastrophes, but it is always good to know the signs to stay on top of it!

Plants Dying

It may seem a little out of the ordinary but a sign of a gas leak are plants dying particularly the grass. Not all gas lines are located in your home and are actually outside. If there is a leak in the outdoor line it can the grass and other plants at the surface to brown and start dying.

Hissing Sounds

If you start to notice a hissing sound in your walls or near your gas lines it means you have a leak, a pretty big one at that. The hissing sound is the pressure built up and being released through the leak.

Odd Smells

Arguably one of the most common ways to find that you have a gas leak is the smell. Because of safety reasons, utility companies actually give this seemingly odorless and colorless gas an additive that causes a smell that can’t be missed. Most homeowners that have experienced this have compared this smell to sewage, sulfur, or even rotten eggs.

Bubble Test

A quick way to see if you are experiencing a gas leak is doing the bubble test. This test is great for detecting gas leaks but also works great on other pressurized things like tires. Mix a small amount of dish soap and water in a container and make sure the gas is on. Wipe down the area you suspect to be leaking with this mixture and see if bubbles form. If you see bubbles start to form then you may have a leak!

White Mist or Fogginess

If you start to notice a white mist or a fog settled around the property you may have a gas leak. This not only indicates a leak but could mean a ruptured line altogether which is very dangerous and you should call your gas company right away!

What To Do If You Find A Gas Leak

First and foremost, if you find that you have a gas leak it is important that you call your gas supplier right away. Gas leaks are not something to take lightly because of the dangerous effects they have not only on your home but on your health as well. If you detect or even suspect a gas leak then open windows and doors and leave the area immediately. Don’t try to turn off the gas as it could cause a spark and ignite the area or damage pipes and appliances. Call a professional to find the source of the leak. Don’t try to find it yourself as it can pose a major risk to you and your home. Don’t use any electricity or lighters, don’t even start your car as the smallest spark could cause a huge explosion. Make sure you evacuate all your household members and if you can’t get ahold of a professional call the fire department and if the gas is turned off never turn it back on by yourself. It is always best when it comes to gas to leave it to the professionals!