multi step process

Although a major clog and blockage may not seem like an imminent threat to your plumbing, it never hurts to take the necessary preventative measures to ensure that the issue never occurs. If you allow waste and debris to buildup in your sewer line, then there could be severe financial consequences. Cleaning out your sewer line is a multi-step process that requires certain tools and equipment to get the job done.

The tools that are needed include a pair of heavy-duty work gloves, a pipe wrench, a high-grade drain snake (or auger), and a garden hose. If you need to rent an auger, then you should contact your local home improvement retailer.

Step 1: Loosen the Cap on Your Drain Pipe and Let Out the Buildup

Your drain pipe is usually located in your basement, crawl space, garage, or potentially outdoors. You will remove the plug/cap with your pipe wrench and you may have to wait for drain water to flush out of the pipe first. You will want to step away as you undergo this process.

Step 2: Feed the Drain Snake into Your Pipe

This step is pretty self-explanatory, but you want to be careful during this part of the process because if you are clumsy and erratic then you could potentially scratch and damage your drainage pipes. You should slowly feed the auger into your drainage pipe until you come in contact with the obstruction. You want to keep running the auger and maneuvering it so that you can break it the buildup inside your drain.

Step 3: Keep Running the Auger and Hose Down the Pipe

Once the obstruction is removed, you want to keep slowly feeding the auger into your drain in case there is buildup or obstructions further down your drain. You will notice that the water level in your drain will decrease completely. Once you are certain that you have removed the clog, take your hose and spray down your pipe as well as the cable to your drain snake at full blast. This will remove any lingering debris or buildup that remains in your drain.

Step 4: Slowly Remove Your Drain Snake

Now you want to carefully remove your drain snake and continue to hose off any debris that is clinging to the metallic cable. More completely retracting and coiling up the auger, you will need to hose it down a couple of times (it was just submerged in filthy sewer water). You can then pack things up and go about your life like you normally would!

Consider Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Services

The repair may not be as simple as drain snaking some minor buildup; there could be a significant clog or even a leak that you will need to remove or remedy. There are many different factors to account for a clogged sewer line, and it can be daunting to try and solve the problem by yourself. How do you determine what kind of service you need? Hiring a professional to inspect your plumbing will enable you to diagnose and remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

Common Sewer Line Issues

There are some common culprits when it comes to obstructions and buildup in your sewer line, but not every clog is a result of the stuff that you pour down your drain. Naturally, when you dispose of waste material, it will inevitably form a kind of buildup in your sewer line.

Grease, oil, hair, and debris can all get caught in your drain and you will need to remove the obstruction accordingly. However, there are some things that are out of your control. An example of this is when there is an earthquake or flooding which can gave a major impact on your soil where your sewer line is located. This can cause the pipes to crack and possibly collapse, and you will need to repair the affected areas.

Overgrown tree roots are something that you should also keep in mind. They can potentially damage the joints within your sewer line and then grow inside of them, which will negatively impact the performance of your drainage system. Tree roots will also catch debris and waste materials which can lead to severe clogging.

Benefits of Sewer Line Replacements

In some cases, it is infinitely better to replace your sewer line. This is because a lot of systems that are currently installed are extremely outdated and need to be replaced so that you can achieve optimal efficiency. Also, quick fixes are considered band-aid repairs that don’t resolve the underlying issue, which means that you are only putting off the inevitable.

A compromised sewer line is also detrimental to the health of you and your family because it prevents you from having access to reliable plumbing. Also, bacteria can quickly build up in your sewer line, and this can you to be exposed to water-borne diseases and pathogens. Replacing your sewer lien altogether limits your healths and allows you to have 24/7 access to a reliable drainage system.


If the clog is minor and does not require a professional plumber remove it, then we advise that go about it ina safe and conscientious manner. Drain snaking is a fairly straightforward procedure that anyone can do, but you must exercise caution when you removing the obstruction. Drain snarling will also save you a lot of money on something that you can easily do yourself and won’t take a long time for you to complete.

Sometimes, however, the damage is so severe that you will need to hire a professional plumber to repair the issue or even replace your water line. We understand if you are dreading a comprehensive replacement service for financial reasons, but the investment is well worth it in the long run. If you want to learn more about fixing your drainage system and what you can do to help yourself, then go ahead and give us a call today!