It can be a nuisance to find mold and mildew in your bathroom especially if it comes back over and over again. Bathroom mold doesn’t discriminate on location and can be found anywhere in your bathroom whether it’s under the sink, in the drain plug, on the ceiling, and anywhere else. Whether you are renting or own your home it’s always best to keep your bathroom free and clear of mold and keep your family safe and healthy. Every bathroom is going to have moisture because of what bathrooms are used for but trying to draw out some of the moisture can help with preventing mold. As long as you stay consistent with a routine it should be fairly easy to keep your bathroom free and clear of any mold.

Get a Good Fan

One of the best ways to prevent bathroom mold is with a good fan. A reputable plumber can help pick out a great exhaust fan to get the job done and take out as much moisture as possible to prevent mold and mildew from forming. These vents work by sucking the moisture out of the air and sending it outside to keep moisture away. Not only should these fans run during your shower but at least for 30 minutes after for the maximum effect. Plumber Las Vegas NV is a reliable and affordable plumber trained to help measure your space and ensure that you have an exhaust fan that can give you the best coverage for taking moisture out of your bathroom.

Fix All Leaks

Bathroom mold doesn’t just come from the moisture in your shower, it can also come from untreated leaks. If you have a leak under your sink it can build up a moisture-filled home for mold to grow in. When you see a leak don’t let it sit around for whenever you have time, Plumber LV offers emergency plumbing services and can come to fix the leak right away! Waiting to fix a leak like this does more harm than good. Once mold starts to form it can be tough to get rid of which is why it’s a lot easier to prevent mold than get rid of it completely.

Wash Bathroom Linens and Rugs Regularly

We all have our decorative towels and rugs to add a bit of decor and personality to our bathrooms but it is important to keep these items clean on a regular basis. Your rugs and towels especially are prime growth areas for mold because of the direct moisture they’re exposed to. Clean towels and rugs make for a much cleaner and healthier bathroom environment and this can be achieved easily by washing these things at least once a week.

After Shower Habits

When you take a nice hot shower even with the fan on things can get steamed up easily causing a lot of moisture build-up. It may seem inconvenient especially in mornings where you feel rushed but a good way to prevent mold growth is to use a towel or squeegee. Take the squeegee along the walls of your bathtub or shower to remove as much moisture as possible. If this is not an option for you, you can also take your towels after drying off and run it along the shower area as well for a totally dry shower.

Getting Rid of The Mold

If you find mold then it’s time to stop the prevention methods and switch gears to taking action. Mold is often found in the grout, along caulk, and on walls. A safe cleaner to use for mold on walls is vinegar. This may not be as powerful as bleach and it may take a few times but it is a much better solution for family homes or homes with breathing problems so you won’t be exposed to harsh fumes.
Of course the number one mold and mildew killer is bleach. Bleach can take away any trace of mold while brightening the area. Most bathroom cleaners available today all have a bit of bleach in them because of its cleaning power and disinfectant properties.

The Importance of A Regular Cleaning Schedule

It is important to keep up with your regular maintenance cleaning to ensure that mold is both cleaned and prevented. It can turn into a serious problem for your family and guests to have mold in your home and most cleaners have bleach already in them. To clean your bathroom in a way that prevents mold from forming can be tiresome. It’s not as simple and a quick wipe down of the counter and a sweep. For preventing and inspecting your bathroom look where all moisture tends to hide. Behind the toilets, in glass shower doors, and in the caulk that holds it all together. Plumber Las Vegas is a company you can trust and we can give you tips on where to look and how to look so that mold won’t sneak by you in the bathroom. Call our team today to receive a free, no-obligation quote!