hydro jetting

If you are a homeowner then you are all too familiar with recurring clogs and ineffective draining systems. You have experienced your fair share of backups and now you realize that you need to do something about it. Well, look no further than hydro jetting. Here is everything that you need to know:

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the process of removing blockages in your plumbing via a non-invasive method of high-pressure water jets. It wasn’t until fairly recently that hydro jetting become a popular method among plumbers for clearing out obstructions in your pipes. Usually, only a technician or plumber will have access to the material and equipment required to perform hydro jetting.

If there is a clog or obstruction in your plumbing, a trained professional will need to inspect your system and determine its exact location before moving forward with the hydro jetting process. This is usually done to assess whether or not it is necessary to use hydro jetting in the first place.

After assessing the blockage, the plumber will then need to find the right entry point in your plumbing to insert the hose and begin pump water into your system. Most high-pressure hoses can pump out 20 gallons of water at a psi of 5,000. This is a safe amount of water pressure that will remove any buildup of debris and waste material without compromising your plumbing. Whether it’s grease or composite minerals that are caught in your plumbing, hydro jetting is sure to remove them.

How It All Works

Hydro jetting relies on gravity mostly to remove the buildup in your plumbing. Gravity is the impetus that forces wastewater out of your home into the local sewer system and off to the water treatment facility. Hydro jetting functions by working its way upwards through your plumbing system by retrieving the debris accumulating in your pipes and then sending the waste materials into the downstream portion. This ensures that everything is dislodged and properly removed via gravity.

Preventing Major Plumbing Issues

Hydro jetting is perfect for removing any obstructions before they get a lot worse and begin to wreak havoc on your plumbing. Mineral and scale buildup poses a serious threat to your drainage system and the best thing you can do is hire a professional at minimal cost to you to safely and effectively remove any blockages or obstructions. It all comes down to having a proactive approach towards cleaning and preserving your plumbing system.

The Risks Involved with Hydro Jetting

Although hydro jetting is a sure-fire way to remove any buildup in your plumbing, it also comes with its inherent risks. We can say this absolute certainty that you need to hire an experienced and well-trained plumber to get the job done. Something could easily go wrong if the person you hire is not careful or have minimal experience in plumbing. For example, a trained plumber will know immediately that you cannot perform hydro jetting when tree roots have damaged your pipes. The high-pressure water will only cause more damage.

Hydro getting is not always an effective solution, but this depends on the situation. In some cases, hydro jetting simply isn’t necessary and you will need to repair a leak or remove an obstruction some other way. Something that is also worth mentioning is that if the waterproof coatings in your pipes are no longer effective, then hydro jetting will be of no use.

You need to have a plumber perform an inspection beforehand to determine if you need hydro jetting. Most plumbers have camera inspection equipment that can accurately detect and help them diagnose the issue. You don’t want to do anything that causes more damage rather than reducing the damage that already exists.

Additional Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a great way to clean and flush out your plumbing system. Residue tends to collect and accumulate in your pipes and hydro jetting will effectively remove the buildup. Many homeowners hire a professional hydro-jetting service even when they aren’t necessarily experiencing any blockages in the plumbing. This is because they typically want to clear out any buildup ahead of time before anything bad happens.

Hydro jetting is also beneficial for older homes because typically the plumbing is unstable and it’s more ideal if you can avoid dismantling it to clean out the pipes. Otherwise, you could be looking at costly repair and replacement services when all you were trying to do was remove a few minor obstructions in your plumbing.

Hydro jetting is also effective in removing bacteria, sediment, and other contaminants from your plumbing, which makes it a healthier alternative to maintenance and cleaning solutions. Also, Hydro jetting is an affordable service that also offers many long-term cost-effective benefits. You also won’t have to remove obstructions or perform maintenance nearly as often because hydro jetting represents a comprehensive cleaning solution for your plumbing.

Make Sure Hydro Jetting Is the Best Option for You Beforehand

What it all comes down to having a professional inspect your plumbing and determining if hydro jetting is the best choice for you moving forward. Hydro jetting isn’t always going to be your first choice, and in many situations, hydro jetting isn’t even necessary. You should only resort to hydro jetting if you need to remove any buildup in your plumbing, which includes grease, debris, and other waste materials.

A trained professional will assess the situation and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to remove the obstruction. Hydro jetting, in general, is extremely affordable because it saves time and it doesn’t require you to disassemble your plumbing. Hydro jetting is also perfect for preventive maintenance, but again, you should consult your plumber to determine if this is the best option for you.

If there is something that you’re uncertain about, then you can always call and speak with one of our plumbing professionals.