garbage disposal

Garbage disposals can be invaluable tools in your Las Vegas home’s kitchen. However, even this handy appliance will need servicing from time to time. But knowing when it’s time to replace your garbage disposal is crucial to avoid throwing your hard-earned money down the drain.

Many homeowners opt for unnecessary repairs, not realizing that their garbage disposal has reached the end of its lifespan. Eventually, no amount of repairs will keep your disposal going, and you’ll need to replace it. Typically, a garbage disposal will last roughly 12 years before needing a replacement. Though, this lifespan can be shortened depending on how well the garbage disposal is taken care of and how often it’s used.

So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your garbage disposal? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common indicators that it’s time for a replacement. Continue reading to learn more!

Frequent Resets

As a garbage disposal owner, you’re probably familiar with the reset button by now. It’s perfectly normal for your garbage disposal to need resetting from time to time. When your garbage disposal’s motor is under too much strain, its automatic shutdown will trigger, requiring the reset. This is usually caused by waste that’s too large or minor clogs. However, if your garbage disposal needs to be reset regularly, which is a few times a week or more, you likely have a larger problem.

When your garbage disposal deals with frequent resets, it can sometimes be caused by faulty or damaged wiring, which can usually be repaired. However, a more common cause is an aging motor. If the motor is wearing out, it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire unit than to buy a motor and have it installed.


A leak isn’t always a surefire sign that you need to replace your garbage disposal. Sometimes leaks occur due to a poor connection, such as the dishwasher connection. In this case, tightening the connection or replacing a worn hose will fix the problem.

However, garbage disposals will leak because of internal cracks as well. Cracks are a common issue with older garbage disposals, and the only option when that happens is to replace the unit. If you notice any leaks due to cracks, call a licensed Las Vegas plumber to replace your garbage disposal.

Long Grind Times

When your garbage disposal is working correctly, it shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds for it to grind up any food waste. However, if your disposal is taking longer to grind up garbage, it may need replacing. This can happen for a couple of different reasons.

The first reason can be the grind ring. It’s a common misconception that garbage disposals have blades. Garbage disposals actually grind up waste using a grind ring, which operates by centrifugal force pushing debris into the outer ring where it’s ground up. If the grind ring is dull or clogged with food, it will struggle to work. The ring can be replaced by a licensed plumber, but it’s usually more cost-effective to replace the unit.

The other reason for long grind times can be the motor. As motors age, they weaken, which will cause the garbage disposal to struggle with doing its job. If your motor has weakened to the point it requires a long time to grind any food waste, you should consider calling a dependable plumber to replace the unit.

No Power

If your garbage disposal is not working and doesn’t seem to have any power, the first thing you should do is hit the reset button. If that doesn’t fix the problem, check your house’s circuit breaker. Once you’ve ruled out a tripped breaker, whether it’s internal or your household fuse box, it’s most likely the motor. If your garbage disposal does not power on, consider calling a reliable plumber to replace it.

Kitchen Remodel

There doesn’t always need to be a problem with your garbage disposal for you to consider replacing it. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you should strongly consider updating your garbage disposal, especially if it’s an older model.

If you’ve just spent hundreds or thousands of dollars remodeling your kitchen, it only makes sense to upgrade your garbage disposal to match the rest of the kitchen. Not to mention, an old, noisy garbage disposal can ruin the atmosphere of your newly renovated kitchen! Another reason to consider a replacement during your remodel is if your garbage disposal is older and you decide to keep it, you may end up having a plumber back in your kitchen in a matter of weeks. Hence, it’s best to go ahead and upgrade.

Wrapping Up

If you’re noticing one or more of these problems with your garbage disposal, or if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider replacing your unit as soon as possible! Give your local Las Vegas plumber a call and schedule a replacement to keep your kitchen running smoothly.