low water pressure

Having low water pressure in your home can be very discouraging. There’s nothing worse than hopping in a shower and being greeted with a slow drizzle or trying to wash dishes in a hurry just to be slowed down by the water pressure. Low pressure in your home can be annoying but the good news is that there is usually a culprit and that culprit can be easily fixed!

Mineral Deposit Buildup and Debris

If the low pressure is central to just one or two locations in your home it is likely that the culprit is some form of mineral deposit buildup or debris. Water is full of minerals that can cause buildup in your pipes and fixture slowing your water pressure or causing a blockage altogether. An easy approach to clearing this out from the fixture itself is filling a small bag with white vinegar and attaching it to the fixture to loosen the debris. If the problem becomes persistent over time you could look into installing a water softener that can keep mineral deposits at bay.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can be a common issue in homes where water pressure is low. When you have a leak it is likely a crack or hole in the piping that is causing water to leak out before it can get to the fixture causing the low pressure. This can cause more than just low pressure, it can increase utility bills and waste water if left untreated. Calling a professional plumber can quickly help locate this leak and either repair it or the piping to where you can get the full effect of great water pressure and save on money as well!

A Valve Problem

When you have low pressure throughout your home it can be more than just a leak or debris buildup. Luckily it can be a simple fix. The main shut-off valve of your home may not be completely open causing low water pressure in your home. You may also have a pressure reducing valve and not realize it. You can call one of our professionals to help address this and set the pressure reducing valve and adjust the settings to the pressure you’re looking for.

Problems With You Water Supplier

In some cases, the low pressure your home is experiencing is not a problem within the home itself. There can be many other things going on that have to do with your water supplier. These can be things like low water pressure while your neighbors are showering or washing clothes. There may be issues going on in the neighborhood that you aren’t aware of so don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors if the plumber comes out and doesn’t find an issue. If your neighbors are experiencing similar issues it’s time to call the water supplier and let them know there’s an issue or find out if they know and are currently fixing it. Problems like busted pipes or valves can happen to your supplier too and sometimes you have to wait it out.