Mold Removal

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When there are excess moisture and minimal ventilation in your home, mold and other harmful growths will thrive. When moldy growths get out of control, then you will need to remove it before spreading and causing structural damage to your home. Also, it is crucial to re-establish a safe and healthy home environment for you and your family.

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    Professional Removal Services

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    Mold Removal

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    Healthy Environment

    With mold growing out of control in your home, you put yourself at risk of contracting an illness. You want to remove the mold as quickly and efficiently as you can so that you reduce any ongoing health risks and concerns. We possess all of the equipment and protective gear to ensure that we can remove the mold without exposing anyone to any toxins. Removing mold early on will likely prevent any major issues from arising.

    Prevent Spreading

    Mold can easily spread throughout your home and create major structural issues that will require costly repairs. When we remove the mold, we do it in a way that ensures that greatly reduces the risk of it reemerging and spreading. Cleanups could result in more spores being spread throughout your home and compromising your HVAC system. This happens commonly when removals are performed by a non-professional, so we strongly recommend that you hire our licensed contractors in removing the mold.

    Proper Remediation

    When we remove the mold in your home, we also take the necessary steps to ensure that another growth does not occur. Remediation efforts are made to prevent any future growths from occurring, which will end up saving you a ton of money in the long run and keep your home protected for years to come. Our HVAC contractors will also inform you of the ways in which you can prevent mold from growing in your home again.

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    Saving Money

    Removing any mold from your home early on will help you save a tremendous amount of money in the long run. Future repairs can become extremely costly if you neglect to remove the mold growing in your home, and if you wait too long, then your home can become compromised. Structural damage to your home could spell financial doom for you and your family, so don’t wait another minute to address the issue.

    Increased Home Value

    If you are trying to sell your home, you will have a hard time attracting prospective buyers. The reason why is that mold growths are not only a health issue, but they can be costly to repair if you do not hire a removal service immediately. If you have a mold infestation in your home, then buyers will likely be reluctant to meet your price. Before selling your home, you should at the very least consider having us inspect it.

    Drying and Cleaning

    Drying and cleaning are an important step in the process of mold removal, because if any affected areas are not properly dried off, then the mold will likely return, and it will spread even quicker. This is why you need to hire a professional because we possess all the equipment and expertise to properly remove the mold and perform drying and cleaning services that ensure it won’t return.

    Information Regarding Mold Removal

    Here are some tips and useful information on how to combat mold growth

    Drying Wet Areas

    Mold tends to grow in areas of your home where there is a lot of moisture and very minimal ventilation. These kinds of situations are created by heavy rainfall seeping into your home, leaks in your plumbing, and even normal, everyday spills on your carpet. The best thing you can do is not allow wet areas in your home to remain that way: wet clothes in your dryer or water leaks should be immediately dried up.

    Proper Ventilation

    Proper ventilation in your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where moisture collects is the way to go. You can use your AC unit or dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in your home, but you should inspect and clean these devices periodically to ensure that functioning properly. You can also open a window when showering or cooking to reduce the amount of moisture in your home.

    Why Us?

    Hiring Professional Removal Services

    Mold Assessment

    We will evaluate the mold growing in your home as well as your HVAC system to determine if there are any lingering issues that need to be resolved. Offer several different methods of remediation to ensure that, once removed, the mold will not return.

    Quality Removal Solutions

    Our HVAC contractors have decades of combined experience in removing moldy growths from residential and commercial properties. There is nothing that they won’t be able to handle and we try to be accommodating and respectable with all of our customers.


    Repair and Removal

    All of the affected areas will be isolated and we will replace any materials in your home before beginning the reconstruction process. We can also perform restoration services but this can be somewhat costly. Our remediation efforts will also allow you to set up containment and address the source of the moisture in your home.

    Less Maintenance

    Don’t Wait to Remove

    We recommend that you give us a call and at the very least have us inspect your home to determine the severity of the growth. By having us perform an inspection, we can advise on all of your options for removal and help you prevent any severe structural damage from happening to your home. Don’t wait before it’s too late to obtain our removal services.

    HVAC Solutions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our mold removal services. We also encourage you to schedule an in-person appointment with one of our licensed technicians!

    Is it possible to remove mold completely?

    We can get very close to a 100% removal, but the truth of the matter is that mold is omnipresent. Even a small growth can produce thousands of spores, so mold is virtually everywhere (and it is also airborne). This means that when you do discover a significant amount of mold in your home, the logical explanation is that moisture and insufficient ventilation fostered its growth.

    How many different types of mold are there?

    There are thousands of molds throughout the world and there is no consensus to the exact number. The different kinds of mold you could be exposed to depends on your geographical location. Odds are you will be exposed to only a small percentage of molds.