It never fails that at some point in your life you will experience at least one if not more plumbing emergencies. It can be anything from a toilet clog to the second-floor bath leaking through the ceiling and flooding the kitchen. Even as the most relaxed person, a plumbing emergency can put you in a state of panic. Plumbing emergencies are generally emergencies not just because of their nature but because of the inconvenience they cause. No plumbing emergency has ever happened at a convenient time which can make these emergencies even more stressful! The best way to try to prepare for these plumbing emergencies is to anticipate the most common types of emergencies that can happen.

An Overflowing Toilet

At least one time in your life you will experience an overflowing toilet. The worst part is when you think you’re fine and you flush and the water just keeps rising. This can make your chest feel tight as you can feel panic set in. This is actually the most common type of emergency and isn’t too terrible to fix. Your bathroom is one of the most hardworking areas of your home so an overflowing toilet is bound to happen. A plunger may fix the clog initially but it won’t fix the underlying issue causing it to overflow. It is best to fix an overflowing toilet as soon as possible to prevent any further frustration or damage and call a professional right away.

Clogged Sink Drains

Generally. Most clogged sink drains tend to be fixable with a simple snaking or plunger but sometimes they can wreak havoc on your home and require professional emergency plumbing. If the snake or plunger doesn’t help then call in the professionals of Plumbing LV immediately. What you may think is a clogged sink could be the product of something wrong in the sewer line that needs further inspection and repair.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can actually be one of the worst types of plumbing emergencies because it can be as simple as a small leak that just got a little big or the pressure that builds up and now you need total pipe replacement. Calling a professional is the route to go because they have the tools to find the problem and immediately address it. Burst pipes can cause damage to walls, floors, furniture, and all of the surroundings. If a pipe bursts it can ruin any personal belongings that hold value toy ou and you can’t replace. If your home is quiet enough you may hear a popping sound followed by all the signs of a burst pipe indicating you should call a plumber right away.

Leaking Fixtures and Rust

These two problems can occur at any time making them a nuisance but they can also start to cost you money fairly quickly. A simple leak or drip may have an annoying sound but it gets even more annoying to see the difference on your water bill. These two issues go hand in hand because if the problem isn’t addressed immediately the leak can cause standing water which will then turn into rust costing more than anticipated by having to replace more elements. This standing rust not only poses a risk to your wallet but also your family. Rust may or may not develop but a leaking fixture is a perfect habitat for mold which can cause breathing problems among other health issues so it is important to get this fixed quickly for the safety of your family.

Sewer Backup

Your home has two types of lines for plumbing, the water lines that bring water in and the sewer lines that take wastewater out. This keeps water separated and allows for the wastewater to be disposed of ina proper and sanitary manner. When there is a clog further into the sewer line, however, it can cause this sewer water to back up into the house which is not only a nasty sight but a nasty smell. Clogs like this can form from large amounts of toilet paper, hair, or grease. If you notice a foul odor and some backup you may want to consider calling a professional.

Water Heater Malfunction

If your water has started to look murky, you notice a strange smell while running your bath, or there is just simply a lack of hot water then you may need to call a plumber in for repairs. When your water heater acts like this it may be faulty which can turn into major leaks where all the water will be released from the tank. Without being fixed, this problem will just continue on and on unless a plumber is called right away to address it.

Choose the Best for your Plumbing Emergency

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