When it comes to your plumbing you want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape but there are some things you may have heard that will end up costing you not just time but money as well. These “tricks” that you hear of can cause serious damage and end up with you paying for more than it’s worth. Plumbing myths may seem harmless but they can spread a lot of misinformation causing more harm than good!

Myth #1 Plungers Are The Best Tool for Plumbing

Let’s face it, everyone has a plunger and at some point, everyone will need one. This plumbing tool is ideal for smaller debris that is already loose but isn’t designed for major blockages or more stubborn clogs. While a plunger is a great tool to have and a great place to start with most clogs it may not be enough for tougher situations. There are other tools available for when a plunger isn’t enough that homeowners may not be aware of. Water rams can blow out clogs like sediment build-up, drain augers are perfect for denser clogs that are tougher, and of course, you can always depend on calling a professional plumber!

Myth #2 Nothing Can Swim Up Your Pipes

It may get a laugh but nothing will be swimming up your pipes, but it can crawl! Pests like rodents can come through your plumbing, even your toilet, through the piping and into your home. Flushing things like food attracts rodents from the sewer into your plumbing because of the scent. Not only is it bad to have rodents attracted to the pipes and risk them in your home, but the rodents can attract other pests like snakes and make a bad situation worse.

Myth #3 Leaking Faucets Aren’t Worth Your Time

Having a leaking faucet is literally money going down the drain! Even the slightest dripping can end up being $500 or more down the drain every year! Not only is a leaking faucet literally a waste of money, but depending on the leak it can cause serious damage. It is important to address a leak as soon as you find it is there.

Myth #4 Stopped Up Drains Are The Only Ones That Are Clogged

Just because your toilet is flushing normally and your drains are acting the way they were intended to doesn’t mean there isn’t a clog present in the lone somewhere. There are many different types of clogs that can be present including sediment clogs. If you flush the toilet and water come up through the sink that is a very clear indication of a clog.

Myth #5 Water Heaters Are Indestructible

Many homeowners may not even realize the importance of keeping up with the water heater because most are pretty much out of sight out of mind. There are many things that can go wrong with a water heater that needs to be addressed and they can leak just as much as a faucet can. Water heaters are also equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve that needs to be checked regularly. If gone unchecked, the pressure can build up and cause the water heater can actually explode!