toilet leaking

Toilets can have leaks on the inside and outside that can be a nuisance that can turn into bigger issues fairly quickly. An external leak with your toilet can not only cause some wet feet but damage to your flooring and the surrounding area if left untreated. A leaking toilet can cause a huge waste of water which in turn can be a huge dent in your wallet. There are many different reasons you can encounter a toilet leak and the good news is that often they aren’t too hard to fix!

Condensation On The Bowl

Before you automatically jump to a leaky toilet you should check the bowl to rule out condensation. Not only will this be simple but it can save an embarrassing phone call to have a plumber come just to say it was from a little humidity! Bathrooms can get very humid on their own and add in a hot shower and you’ll likely see condensation. As long as the water that is present is a small amount it should cause no need for concern.

Crack on the Tank or Bowl

Toilets are built to last for many years but they are just as prone to damage as the other things around your home. Something could have hit the toilet which is common in households with children or it may just be something that developed over time. Inspect your toilet for cracks, they can seem small at first like a hairline but can turn into something more severe over time.

Rusted Pipes

Pipes usually tend to last for a while but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to damage. Over time pipes can rust and cause cracks or even weak spots that can cause a leak.

Loose Seal at the Base

If you start to notice that the water is based around the base of your toilet it may be a loose or worn-out seal to blame. This wax ring is what keeps water from leaking and if it is damaged or worn down it can cause the toilet to leak. Luckily it is a cheap and easy fix to just undo the toilet, remove the wax ring, and replace all for under $10.

Tank to Bowl Connections

The tank and bowl in two-piece toilets are brought together by a system of gaskets, nuts, and bolts. Over time these items can wear down, rust, or become loose to where a leak can form.

Flush Valve Assembly

A lot of leaks are present on the outside of the toilet most of the time but it doesn’t mean inside leaks don’t happen. If you find that your toilet is running constantly or makes a dripping type noise then this is a leak on the inside associated with the flush valve assembly. Most often this causes water to enter the overflow valve and continuously fill the tank.

Worn Flapper

Another common cause of a toilet leak on the inside is simply a worn out flapper. This flapper is what blocks water from the tank to enter the bowl and if it is worn down it can cause water to continuously fill into the bowl of your toilet.

What To Do

If you find that you have a leaking toilet and it seems too much to handle, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. Not only can this save your sanity but it can save you money and decrease the risk of costly damage as well. Most toilet leaks are completely fixable from home but don’t get in over your head if you aren’t comfortable. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your toilet will do wonders and make it last just like with the other appliances around your home.