When something serious happens to your home plumbing system, you often have the urge to hire a plumber right away without properly vetting them. We understand that you are in a difficult situation and you want to address the problem immediately. However, consider how much of a difference it will make to hire a qualified plumbing professional versus someone who is grossly inexperienced. Luckily, there are ways in which you can evaluate a plumber to determine if they are the right person for the job!

1. Check Their Credentials

A sure-fire way to determine if the plumber can handle the job is to check their credentials. This includes the proper licensing and insurance. All states require commercial and residential plumbers to obtain their licenses before they provide service. You can always go online to check if your local government has issued a license for the plumber in question. No matter how affordable the plumber is, don’t hire them if they can’t prove their credentials. It will give you that peace of mind knowing that the plumber is qualified for the job and knows exactly what they are doing.

2. Evaluate Their Professionalism

A plumber’s professionalism is a key component of performing their job. This includes their interpersonal skills and the way they present themselves. A good plumber will communicate with you throughout the repair process. A knowledgeable and experienced plumber will know how to run their business efficiently. They are always on top of their game when it comes to scheduling service, sending invoices, and completing everything in a timely manner. They have a business model that is organized and systematized. When searching for a plumber, pay attention to the way they speak to you and how they handle the situation.

Also, when evaluating the plumber, consider if you will want to hire them for future service. You should choose someone who will prioritize your needs and will treat you with respect. Try to find out if you and the plumber mesh well. This can make things a lot easier for you in the future when you require emergency repair solutions. A reputable and trustworthy plumber will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

3. What Are Their Costs?

Always check their prices ahead of time. Most plumbers can provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of the cost to repair your residential or commercial plumbing system. Some plumbers will even offer you a competitive price to deter you from taking your business elsewhere. When you request an estimate (most commercial and residential plumbers will offer free estimates) look into how they compute that price.

As the customer, you deserve to know what you are paying for exactly. If the plumber is dodging your questions regarding the price of service, then you should not hire them. Also, be mindful of when the plumber is requesting that you pay for service. You should never pay them upfront before they start the job. This is a big no-no. You should wait to pay your plumber until after they complete everything to ensure that you are getting the most out of their services.

4. Insurance

Does the plumber possess insurance? Despite the level of experience and skill a professional plumber has, something can always go wrong during repair work. This is where insurance will come into play. If the plumber doesn’t have insurance, then who is going to pay for the damages? You are. Getting reimbursed will encompass a frustratingly lengthy legal process that you will want to avoid if you can. Always ask them to show proof of their insurance, and if they don’t have it, then you shouldn’t hire them.

5. Timing

If a plumber offers you a timeframe on how long it will take them to repair your plumbing, then monitor them to see if they stick to it. They should always show up to work at the time that they say they will and complete everything in a timely manner. If they have to make any changes that will affect the time it takes them to complete their work, then they will alert you to it immediately. This will give you an opportunity to make any adjustments to your schedule. Home plumbing issues can create a lot of inconveniences for you and your family, which is why you should hire a plumber who can get everything back up and running right away.

6. References And Reviews

You will always want to hire a plumber who has plenty of prior experience in repairing residential or commercial systems. Ask them for references to get an idea of the kind of service they are capable of providing. A competent and reputable plumber will have no reason to hide their references. You can also go online and see what the general public has to say. You can usually get a good understanding of a company from Google and Facebook reviews alone. You always want to know if the plumber you are hiring is reliable and proficient.

Once the plumber provides you with references, call these individuals and ask them questions about their experience. Were they happy with the service they received? Or were they dissatisfied? Are you noticing a negative pattern? Reaching out to previous clients can give you a better idea of what you can expect from the plumber.

7. Responding To Emergencies

Most reliable plumbers will provide a 24/7 emergency service. When these situations arise, you will want your plumber to send someone to your residence to respond to the issue immediately. With emergencies, you don’t have time to wait. You need a knowledgeable and experienced plumber to mitigate the problem as soon as possible. If the problem gets worse, then you could be faced with a devastating repair expense. Always ask your plumber if they provide emergency services during the weekends as well as on holidays.

8. Do They Perform Background Checks?

When searching for a plumber, ask if they perform background checks on their employees. This will give you a better idea of their qualifications and credentials. When you hire a residential or commercial plumber, you want to ensure that they are up to the task. You will feel a lot better knowing that your plumber will have the experience and expertise to do their job. It’s also important to feel comfortable about the people entering and working on your home for a duration of time.

9. Go Local

It all comes down to hiring a reliable local plumber – someone who cares about their community and wants to provide you the service that you need. Most local plumbers are very communicative and you can reach them at any time. This also makes them the ideal choice for those emergency scenarios. Also, even if the plumber is located on the other side of town and has to drive 30 minutes to serve you, they are still typically the better option.

Go Local

Perhaps you are not entirely sold on the plumber and you want to get a better understanding of their company. There are additional ways in which you can evaluate them. For example, ask them how long they have been in business. The more experience that a plumber offers, the better off you’re going to be. Also, ask them if they offer any warranties. Most reliable plumbers offer some sort of warranty or guarantee for their work. A good plumber will also know how to solve a wide range of issues. No matter how big the job is, they should know how to handle things.

Who Is Doing The Work?

With some commercial and residential plumbers, they will outsource the work to subcontractors or helpers. They will do this because they lack the experience or equipment to get the job done themselves. You don’t want to put your trust in a company like this. Perhaps the person whom you contacted has decades of experience in plumbing, but their company is still in its infancy. If this is the situation, then you will certainly encounter some hiccups throughout the process.


Now you have all the information you need to evaluate plumbing companies and determine who the best one is for the job. Always remember that communication and professionalism will go a long way. These are things you will want in a plumber who is entering your home to do their job. You should also keep in mind that not all plumbers have experience with every situation. There are inner-plumbing systems that differ significantly from others. This is another reason why you will need to hire some who has all the qualifications and training to get the job done.

Have any questions? We’ve got answers! Call us today and one of our team members will explain everything you need to know when hiring the right plumber for you.