Most home and business owners couldn’t tell every little detail about their plumbing systems, and that’s okay. What matters most is hiring a professional plumber who can repair any issue at an affordable cost. However, we tend to forget that residential and commercial systems differ from each other significantly.

What we first want to discuss, however, is how they are similar. Residential and commercial plumbers both need to have a great deal of experience and training to undergo repair services and maintenance procedures. They deal with minor and severe situations such as leaks, pipe bursts, broken toilets, and clogged drains and sewer lines. With a residential plumbing service, the focus tends to be on issues like clogged kitchen sinks, installing toilet fixtures, and repairing broken pipes. With a commercial plumber, they tend to deal with different categories of problems, such as flooded bathrooms and inspections to ensure that everything is up to code.

Let’s go more in-depth on how residential and commercial plumbing services are quite different from each other:

What Separates Commercial and Residential Plumbing?

Commercial plumbers will perform tasks and repairs that are typically different from a residential plumbing service. Not all plumbing systems are universal, but they are certainly similar. However, commercial setups require a good deal of specialized training and experience that many residential plumbing experts don’t possess. Furthermore, every commercial plumber has to undergo and pass a test like any other plumber to obtain the proper licensing. However, it is the scope of the work that they perform that differs significantly from residential plumbers. Commercial plumbers have to memorize different building codes, which will vary according to the specifications of the structure.

Most plumbers are very adept at applying their skills to different systems. However, a plumber who focuses on commercial structures will have the edge in adapting to different systems. With a residential plumber, they don’t quite possess the same level of versatility. Although commercial and residential plumbers perform similar tasks and responsibilities, they operate within a spectrum. For the best results, you are always going to want to hire the most experienced plumber.

The Scope of Residential and Commercial Plumbing Solutions

Commercial plumbers will have plenty of experience fixing large boilers, site sewer lines, lift stations, and any plumbing system inside an industrial manufacturing facility. The work of a commercial plumbing service tends to be a lot more repetitive than anything else. That’s because large facilities utilize similar equipment and systems for various applications.

A residential plumbing service, on the other hand, encompasses your standard 8-hour workday. This includes routine repairs and maintenance on top of cleaning and emergency services. Residential plumbers are usually working during the same work hours as a local business, whereas commercial plumbing services take place at any time during the day. In fact, many commercial plumbers have to get their work done on the weekends so that they are not interrupting normal business hours.

Strict Job Requirements

Plumbers that provide service for office buildings and on public streets are usually considered commercial plumbers. The categorization of “commercial plumbing service” will often require workers to adhere to specific scheduling guidelines. For example, the plumbing work performed on water and sewer features for businesses will require commercial plumbers to undergo service during downtime. However, depending on the scope of the project, a commercial plumbing service will need to shut down the facilities temporarily. This gives them enough flexibility to undergo reconstruction and repairs in a timely manner.

Commercial plumbers put more emphasis on their work schedule for several reasons. When repairing a commercial plumbing system, they will usually need to complete their work in a 24-hour timeframe. That’s because the client is usually depending on them to get everything done in a short amount of time so that they can resume normal business operations.

Overtime is also very common with commercial plumbers. That’s because it can be difficult to anticipate when you are going to complete everything. Commercial plumbing services usually require more testing and inspections than residential repair work.

Complexity of Building Structure

There is no doubt that commercial buildings tend to be a little more difficult to navigate and remediate. With residential structures, plumbing systems tend to be more rudimentary and easy to service. Some commercial establishments have multiple floors and numerous plumbing fixtures, which can certainly complicate the repair process. Low and high water pressure is also something that you need to consider when working with large commercial facilities.

Level of Risk

Damages to a commercial plumbing system tend to be more strenuous to repair, and they involve a greater degree of risk when undergoing service. We’re not saying that a broken pipe inside a home isn’t serious. However, a broken pipe within a commercial facility can encompass multiple floors as well as numerous toilets and sinks. It can affect multiple businesses and a sizeable group of workers. Also, restaurants and businesses in food service must adhere to certain laws and health guidelines, so everything needs to be in order when it comes to their plumbing systems.

Commercial and residential plumbers each have unique skillsets and they offer services that certainly benefit their clients. However, the scope, scheduling and output will vary between the two spheres. No matter who you need to hire, you should always ensure that the company possesses all the proper licensing and insurance. You should also make sure that they can perform some of the more basic repair work, such as commercial drain cleaning, low water pressure, water line repair, and sump pump repair.

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