Traditional sewer line repair methods are something that many of us want to avoid. They required you to destroy your beautiful and well-groomed landscaping so that you could carry out basic repair procedures. They require you to excavate a huge trench in your yard just so that you can reach your underground water and sewer lines. This would often jeopardize your entire landscaping and it cost you a small fortune just to restore everything to its original appearance. The digging itself also takes quite a bit of time to complete, and it could be weeks until everything is back to normal.

Thankfully, there are now trenchless methods for repairing your underground sewer line. They allow you to avoid any unnecessary digging, which would otherwise wreak havoc on your property.

Reducing Damage to Your Yard

The biggest benefit of a trenchless pipe repair service is that you won’t have to cause any mayhem and destruction to your own yard to fix any underground plumbing issues. The trenchless method makes use of modern machinery which eliminates any need for digging altogether. The technician whom you hire will dig small holes at the exit and entrance of the pipes so that trenchless machinery will be in the right place to install the new liner. The process is a lot simpler than the traditional repair procedures and you eliminate a lot of the difficulties associated with digging.

Quicker Repair Times

The digging alone will take up a lot of time, and this will often take more time to complete than the actual repair process. With trenchless repairs, however, your technician will dig out two holes in your yard before making use of the trenchless machinery, which has sensors that will detect the presence of tree roots, building foundations, and pipes. If your contractor encounters any unexpected issues, they will make adjustments accordingly.

The average trenchless pipe repair service takes around two days to complete – sometimes even less depending on the nature of the repair. With traditional repair methods, you would usually need an entire crew of people to dig up your yard and it would likely take them weeks to complete the entire job.


Trenchless repair methods are much more affordable compared to the traditional approach of having to excavate your yard. The job requires an extensive amount of time to dig up the trench and then restore your property to its original appearance. Think about the layout of your decorative patio and your walkways – think about how much money it was just to install those individual pieces of hardscaping. Also, trenchless repair solutions are a lot less labor-intensive, which also equates to less money being spent by the customer. You are receiving the same repair service but with less damage and disarray to your property.

Better Quality

When you compare the results of a trenchless repair method with the traditional digging process, you will find that the former exceeds the latter in terms of quality. This is because most trenchless pipe repairs utilize cured-in-place liners and seamless PVB piping, which are superior to the average pipelines you will find on the market. These newer and more modern pipes are resistant to corrosion, which can lead to severe plumbing problems in the future. The new piping material also provides you with greater protection against tree root intrusion and off-setting pipes.

Minimal Interruptions

Have you hired a professional pipeline repair service before? If so, then you know that the digging process can be extremely loud, intrusive, and overall very irritating. It can be frustrating to deal with these sorts of annoyances when you want to go about your day as you normally would. With a trenchless repair service, you won’t experience any of these problems. Your contractor will complete their work without creating any damage to your property and with minimal disruption to your daily home routine. Trenchless technology is also virtually noiseless.

Conserving Resources

Consider all of the resources that you would normally require when undergoing a traditional pipeline repair method; consider all the time, labor, and materials you will need to get the job done. Trenchless pipe repairs ensure that you are conserving resources and limiting your waste. Also, trenchless pipe liners are made of high-grade materials, which means that you won’t have to undergo any repairs for decades to come.

All of the hard work you put into maintaining your lawn is something that you take pride in, and it can be devastating for you to destroy it all just to undergo basic pipeline repairs. However, with trenchless repair technology, you can finally avoid the hassle of having to excavate your property. Whether it’s a pipe bursting or if the pipe requires realignment, then you can certainly make use of trenchless repair procedures. You are going to avoid a lot of damage to your landscaping and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

Do you have any questions regarding trenchless sewer line and pipe repair methods? You can always contact one of our qualified plumbers and they will tell you everything you need to know, including additional information on pricing and scheduling.