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There’s one thing a bathroom can’t be without a toilet! When the toilet goes up and needs repair or just need a new one installed, it can be stressful. Trust in us to repair or install your toilet in no time!

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    Reasons You May Need Toilet Repair


    When you think of clogs, it’s common to think about drains in sinks and tubs, but toilet clogs can frequently happen, especially with young children. Certain types of toilet tissues can cause clogs as well as foreign objects. Sometimes a plunger can be a quick fix for this issue or even a toilet snake. In other situations, the toilet may need to be eradicated, and it is best to call a professional.

    Worn Flapper Valve
    Worn Flapper Valve

    Worn out or malfunctioning parts can be the main cause of toilet repairs. The flapper allows the water to move freely to fill the bowl when the toilet is flushed. A worn flapper can cause your toilet to have a mind of its own by flushing or continuing to run. Not only is this not good for the toilet, but it will directly affect your water bill!

    Worn Washer Bolts
    Worn Washer Bolts

    There may be times where you find puddles of water found under the tank of your toilet, and one of the reasons can be worn washer bolts. You can feel around in the tank for leaks or opening to indicate the need for bolt repair. This is a simple fix as most often you need to replace the bolts. If the leaking persists, you’ll need to call your plumber.

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    Loose Connections

    Loose connections can be another cause for a leaky toilet. Over time, it’s normal for pieces to become loose or fall out of place, even on toilets. Rubber linings will eventually