sump pump repair

A sump pump is a device that discharges water from your basement or crawlspace. Often sump pumps are used in basements or crawl spaces that do not have adequate drainage, which can lead to excess moisture and flooding. Sump pumps may also be used in areas where the soil cannot absorb rainfall quickly enough and cause surface runoff near the home’s foundation.

This article will take a look at sump pump repairs, sump pump issues that are signs of trouble, replacement options if you determine your sump pump needs to be replaced, and how long sump pumps typically last.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pit is an area where the sump pump is placed to drain water from an area near your home’s foundation. The sump pit itself can also often cause flooding because it holds so much excess water. If you have a sump pit in the ground near your foundation, there are certain precautions you can take to ensure it will not flood by either pumping out the water periodically or lining the walls of the sump with bricks.

If you have flooring or carpeting installed in your basement or crawlspace, you may also be able to sump pump water away from your home. Water sump pumps are electric and will discharge excess water away from your home at a downward angle away from the foundation of your home.

Are there Different Types of Sump Pumps?

There are sump pumps that can either be installed in sump pits or sump basins. Sump pumps are also available as single-speed, two-speed, and dual sump pumps. A sump pump with a check valve can help prevent flooding by not allowing water to flow back into the sump pit once the sump pump has stopped running. Overall, you can install several different types of sumps pumps for your home’s foundation needs.

What is a Sump Pump Check Valve?

A sump pump check valve allows water to leave your sump pit but does not allow any excess water to come back into it after the sump pump stops working. The check valve consists of an outer case, impeller, and check valve cover. The sump pump check valve allows water to leave the sump pit but does not allow any excess water back in once the sump pump stops working.

Signs You Need New Sump Pump Repairs or Replacements

There are usually some warning signs that your sump pump needs repairs or replacement right away rather than wait for it to fail completely. Some of these warning signs include:

  • Your sump pump is making unusual sounds such as grinding or squealing noises when it runs. Often this means there is a problem with the impeller.
  • Your sump pump has already run for a long period of time, but you still hear gurgling noises. This probably means the sump pump check valve failed.
  • Your sump pump has already run for a long period of time but does not seem to have drained the sump pit or discharged water anywhere. This may mean that either the sump pump itself or the sump pump check valve are faulty and need repairs.

Common Sump Pump Issues

There are several sump pump issues you may come across in your sump pump. Some of these sump pump issues include:

  • The sump pit is overflowing with water. This could mean that there is a clog in the sump check valve or sump pump, which needs to be cleared immediately.
  • There is no power going to the sump pump, which means that either the sump circuit breaker for the sump pump itself has been switched off or there has been a complete loss of electrical power in your home. Either way, you need to switch on the sump circuit breaker immediately so your sump will turn on again. If it doesn’t have any power coming through at all, you may need to have your sump pump replaced.

How Long Do Sump Pumps Typically Last?

Sump pumps are typically around the same age as your home, which means they will last for between 10-20 years before replacement is necessary. If sump pumps are maintained properly and replaced when they need it, sump pumps can also last longer than average sump pump life spans. It is always best to maintain sump pumps regularly if you want them to last as long as possible!

Repairing Your Sump Pump

If your sump pump needs repairs, there are sump pump repair services available. You can also decide to replace your sump pump with a new one if it is too old or not working as it should be. Try to schedule repairs as soon as possible to avoid flooding and sump pump malfunctions that can lead to costly repairs or sump pump replacements later.

What To Do if Your Sump Pump Fails?

If your sump pump has failed, you should ensure the area is safe for repair workers or those who will replace the sump pit and sump pump. Contact a sump pump repair service right away so they can assess the problem and determine what needs replacing. You may also want to contact a plumber as well if you do not feel comfortable repairing your sump yourself (if it is possible).

Sometimes sump pumps fail because of power outages that occur near your home; if this happens, try to check on all vulnerable plumbing appliances such as your water heater and furnace, sump pump, etc. Be sure to check on vulnerable appliances for a few days after the power outage has ended to make sure sump pumps are working properly before another power outage hits your area again. If sump pumps fail due to power outages, be sure to replace defective sump pumps with sump pits and sump pumps that do not rely on electricity from the grid.

Replacing Your Sump Pump

If you determine sump pump repairs are not possible and sump pump replacement is your next step, there are a few things to consider as far as options for sump pumps go. Depending on the situation and your preference, you may want to install either a pedestal sump or a submersible sump pump. If you need to buy a sump pump but don’t know enough about what type would work best in different situations, contact an expert sump pump installer right away.

Always Hire a Licensed Plumbing Technician

When sump pumps fail, hiring a licensed plumbing technician is important. Hiring a sump pump repair service with proper licensing ensures that the sump pump installation or sump pump repairs are done properly so your sump doesn’t have to be replaced again anytime soon.

If you think your sump pump has failed, contact our team of Las Vegas experts right away, so they can assess the problem and determine if sump pumps need repairs or replacement. If you decide you would like to replace your sump pit and sump pump entirely, there are several options for pedestal or submersible sumps, depending on your situation. We can provide you with a free estimate on sump pump replacements and sump pump repairs, as well as sump pumps that do not rely on electricity.