sewer line repair

One of the most severe plumbing problems you can have is a problem with your sewer line. It’s essential that understand why it’s important to deal with sewer line repair when you’re a homeowner.

So, if you’re wondering why you should go through the trouble of a sewer line repair, we’re here to answer that question.

In the article below, we’ll discuss the importance of sewer line repairs and how they can affect your home. Continue reading to learn more!

Sewer Lines Play an Important Role in Your Home’s Plumbing

The majority of your plumbing pipes are designed to specifically transport water. However, your sewer pipes transport waste only. They take the wastewater from residential and commercial properties to local treatment facilities. One of the main reasons that sewer line repair is so necessary is simply because of the contents of what your sewer pipes transport.

If there’s some type of blockage in your sewer pipes, the people in your home or building can be exposed to the toxic gas that builds up. In some cases, your pipes can back up and cause the contents of your sewer line to flood into your space, exposing people to these unsanitary materials.

Sewer Lines Don’t Last Forever

As the years go on, your sewer lines will need maintenance to keep them functioning. Everything that runs through your toilets and other drains will pass into the sewer line. This can sometimes include unorthodox items like toys, toothbrushes, and even clothes when you have children.

Regardless, debris will accumulate in your pipes and result in a clogged sewer line. Even tree roots can creep into your pipes, causing leaks or a collapse. Things happen that you can’t always account for, and when they do, you need to have them repaired before major issues occur.

Local Government Compliance

Since sewer lines transport hazardous materials, there are specific requirements that most local governments have regarding sewer line repair. You simply can’t allow your sewer line to sit in disrepair as it will damage the surrounding environment, and you’ll find yourself at risk of being deemed “non-compliant.”

It’s also important to note that this is not a “do-it-yourself” job. This project requires permits and special licensing to get started. This means that it’s best to rely on a professional plumbing contractor to handle all repairs.

You Need a Bathroom

The most straightforward reason for going through sewer line repairs is the plain fact that you need a bathroom. Sure, you could go outside to do your business if you live in a rural area, but that’s not always the most comfortable situation to be in. Not to mention, it doesn’t solve the problems of bathing. Unless you’re nearby a clean water source, you’re out of luck there too.

Do yourself a favor and keep your bathroom in a functioning state. The longer you wait to have repairs made, the worse the situation is going to get. It may even wind up, causing damage to other places around your home or business, including foundation damage.

Signs that You Need Sewer Line Repairs

  • Water in your yard: If water is pooling in your yard, you may have a break in the sewer line.
  • Foul smells: A clogged sewer line can cause a putrid sewage smell to seep into your bathroom.
  • Backed up sinks or tubs: If sewage is backing up in your sinks or tubs, there’s an issue with your sewer line, and this can be dangerous.
  • Mold growth: Though mold can form for various reasons, it could be a sewer line problem if you notice it under or around drains.

Final Thoughts

Sewer line repairs are more important than some people realize. Your sewer line plays a vital role in your plumbing; sewer lines don’t last forever, you need to comply with local regulations, and you need a bathroom. For these reasons, you should go through sewer line repair if you need it.